(You know, because Wellington is swell...)

Whenever I visit our capital city I feel at home, despite never having actually lived there.  It's one of those places where you feel at ease in your own skin, comfortable to wear what you want, walk at a leisurely pace, stop and take a few snaps and admire the harbour views and plethora of art installations.  I don't feel hurried along in Wellington, like I do in so many other cities; I don't feel as self conscious.  And because I've never lived there, there is a kind of pleasant freedom in anonymity.

Our holiday consisted of down time with family, museum visits, cheap curries at Satay Kingdom, a comedy show, a short film viewing, a night at Havana with sweet, sweet music, country & folk with Eb & Sparrow, John the Baptist and The Unfaithful Ways at Bodega, incredible pizza in a magical log cabin in the middle of nowhere (fairy lights and cider included), a trip along the Wairarapa coast, a few games of pool, and catch ups with friends.  

In short, it looked like this:

(Note: me and the Monsta being cheesy tourists / Lord of the Rings fans/ shamelessly plugging New Zealand. It had to be done...)

Until we meet again, fair city...


  1. New Zealand is one of THEE places I want to visit....so far away from rainy Ireland right now but would love, love, love to get there one day

  2. Your pictures are stunning! They make me wanna jump in a plane to Wellington right this second.