In Collusion

Thought I'd share the completed abstract compositions project I recently took part in; called "In Collusion", it was a poetry/collage project put together by writer and artist Makyla Curtis which required collaborators to create poems from a series of words provided, accompanied by pictures sourced from anywhere that had had to fit within the squares of the paper booklet.  Here are the pages from my contribution...

I really enjoyed this process - I cut up all the words and played around with them, and it was interesting to see how the various words and pictures I chose (from an old tourist book about Amsterdam) kind of started to bounce off each other and inspired different themes and ideas for each page.  Now, back to that last essay of mine...

In Bloom

My break from my last essay assignment for the year had me enjoying the spring sunshine in our neighbourhood and taking a few pics of the gorgeous flowers in bloom at the moment.  Here are a few of the faces that greeted me today...


The Wordinary: Entry No. 14

a crapella

adverb or adjective

1How you actually sound when you attempt to sing without the usual backing of your super-loud stereo system or other musical accompaniment.  Most evident when one sings with ones head phones in - i.e. your performance may be X Factor material to you, but a crapella to everyone else in your vicinity.

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Abstract Compositions Project

This is what my Saturday looks like (in between editing photographs and working on an English essay...)

I'm taking part in writer/artist/editor Makyla Curtis' "In Collusion" project and have been spending the day cutting and pasting my way through my own little book of poetry and pictures.  You can find out more about Makyla here on her blog and information about the project here.

The Wordinary: Entry No. 13


con-green-ient [kuhn-green-yuhnt]

1Used to describe persons who appear to be environmentally friendly only when it suits them.  (Arch enemy of the recyclopath.)

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