In lieu of reviews (a book and two films - look at me go!) I thought I'd post a few links to bits and pieces of awesomeness that I have recently encountered on the wonder that is the world wide web.

Please peruse the following at your leisure (or do what I do and save them up for procrastinatory purposes).  Don't say I'm not good to you...

Beloved NZ author Margaret Mahy passed away this week.  This is a great blog entry about the power of Mahy's stories
♥ A Great piece interrogating the "self" in "self-made"
♥ Famous authors and their tattoos on Flavorwire

This sweet online creative mag
♥ A literary print I'm eyeing up
♥ I heart everything Benjamin Law has ever written

♥ Seems everyone knew about this book site except me...
♥ Stuart Evers' Top 10 homes in literature
This website is my current favourite.  (Thanks Hildog!) I dream of writing in places like those...

Dumpster Designers.  Brilliant.
This is what happens when you start paying attention
New Katherine Mansfield stories?!


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