Fact: caramel salted macaron eating is incredibly conducive to creativity and of rather great assistance when it comes to poetry writing in particular.  (You can thank me for the tip off later).

I've got a few of my Stranger & Co poems underway and numerous short story ideas have been creeping into my notebook; characters are slowly establishing themselves.  It feels good.

I'll share more soon.  In the meantime, Shakespearean adaptations and Utopian notions call...

Enjoy your Sunday.

PS: This photo is exciting, not only because it captures the awesomeness of said macarons (take me back) but it is also evidence of the fact that I have finally learned (read: remembered to) use the camera feature on my phone.  Therefore, in lieu of an i phone and the ever popular instagram (a girl can dream right? Struggling artist and all that...) I shall henceforth* be experimenting with the features of my trusty acer cell.  Hmmm, me thinks this might be dangerous procrastination material...

*I love using that in a sentence

1 comment:

  1. Yummm!!!!
    I saw a speciality shop devoted entirely to macaroons while in Penang.
    Your post just made me melancholy for that place for the first time since coming back (and it's only been 2 weeks!)

    Having fun catching up though - your space is like a breath of fresh air x