The Lady is a Hawke

"I wanted to make music that could put a smile on peoples faces and give them a feeling of nostalgia even though they may be hearing my songs for the first time. "
Pip Brown

Ladyhawke: aka New Zealand songstress Pip Brown, aka my favourite guitar toting, fringe rocking, 80s repping, funky t shirt wearing, humble heroine, played a super-cool set on a crisp winter's eve on Thursday at The Foundry.  I've been a fan for a few years, my first foray into live Ladyhawke being a chance encounter during a somewhat spur of the moment attendance at Portugese summer festival Sudoeste; I'd heard of this blonde locked London based lady who channelled "all the good bits" of the 80s in her debut self titled album but I hadn't yet listened to her tunes myself and, I have to admit, I was somewhat ashamed that the audience members around me sang out her lyrics in fervent unison, whilst I, dumbfounded, had to enjoy the moment somewhat vicariously through them as they formed their fingers into love hearts and held them above their heads in admiration of Miss Brown. The vicarious business didn't last long though; sweet synths and 80s inspired guitar riffs got me dancing with the rest of them and I have been a fan forever after. Balance was restored on Thursday as I made my way to the front and sang to my heart's content beside other faithful fans; an experience I had been coveting in the years post that delightful Portugese summer.  She rocked it. Enough said.  Thank you, Miss Brown.  Please, come back soon...

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