30 Days of Me: Day 1 - Allow myself to introduce...myself...

So. Day One.  Here we go....

15 interesting facts about yours truly and a recent photograph.

1. I think apple juice is AWESOME.
2. I have met P!NK (when I was 17.  She too, was awesome.  And short.)
3. I am both a qualified barrister and barista.  (I have recently renounced the former and rekindled the latter).
4. My favourite words are elaborate and alas.
5. I can't drive.  (Don't judge me).
6. I can't handle seeing animals dressed in clothes.  It is freaky and just wrong. 
7. When I was little I wanted to be a florist when I grew up.
8. I love the smell of new books (and petrol.  Don't tell anyone).
9. I have had 5 pet dogs in my lifetime.  Their names were Bridie, Jip, Montgomery James (Monty for short), Bailey and Jem.
10. I like to be on the "left".  For example, when I am walking down the street with someone, I have to walk on the left side of them.  Or, if I sit in the back seat of a car, I like the back left.  I dont know why.  I just do.  (Is that weird?) It's not like I have OCD or anything.  I wont freak out if I can't go left.  I just prefer it that way.  Do we have an understanding? Ok.
11. When I was 13 I thought I was going to move to America to meet and eventually marry Leonardo Dicaprio.  My room was wallpapered with his face.  I still think about him sometimes.  Sigh.
12.  I have been on Vietnamese Television. 
13. No matter where I am in the world I always happen to randomly see people I know.  E.g. In Laos, I saw a friend from uni's girlfriend.  The first day I was in London I saw my friend's old flatmate.  In Amsterdam, I saw a girl from an old netball team.  At a Portugese music festival, I saw a friend from university.  At Hogmanay in Edinburgh, I saw my old next door neighbour.  I could go on (but this is sounding less interesting than I first thought.  Sorry guys).
14. I know The Wedding Singer off by heart.  Go on. You can test me if you want.
15. I've been writing poetry since I was 7.  (Unfortunately, I don't think the quality has improved...)


Oh. And a recent pic of myself.  Taken by my charming boyfriend about a month ago.  Which I poladroided (because I am slightly obsessed by this funky wee program at the moment).

Until next time (tomorrow).


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