30 Days of Me: Day 17 - The Switch

So.  The prompt suggests I choose the person I would most like to switch places with for a day and elaborate (favourite word alert) on why said person warrants my selection.  I didnt even have to think about this one.

Haaaaaaaaahahahaha.  Oh frikn awesome.  Faceinhole.com you are my hero.  I love you almost as much as I love making every photo I have turn picture perfect polaroid styles with Poladroid.  I love you almost as much as I love apple juice, walking in the forest, singing to Sam Cooke and eating rice crackers with hummous.  I love you almost as much as I love Robert himself.

Note: Almost.

Ok. Now.  In all seriousness, (for the second time.  I was actually being serious about the first time also).  This question is really quite difficult.  I could be the CEO of a publishing company and "ok" all my own stuff, thus ensuring that I get published!  Hmmm (maybe cheating...), maybe an assistant tour guide on Macchu Picchu, (I couldnt switch with the "main" guide, I dont know enough! We'd all get lost!) Or a curator at the Tate Modern, or on set with the Coen Brothers maybe...

Truth is, I'm not sure I would want to switch with anyone just for a day.  I'd much rather have the chance to meet someone I admire and be able to pick their brain for a while.  Can I get you a coffee Mr Mandela?  A belgium biscuit, Ms Deschanel?  Mr Doherty, could I offer you....

You get the picture.


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  1. sooo super excited to have discovered Poladroid.
    Thanks for introducing me to yet another awesome obsession ; )