30 Days of Me: Day 16 Just Call Me Jimi

Prompt says another pic of moi.  (I find that slightly boooooring but I'm not going to argue.  The prompt says what it says and therefore I must ad-here...we...go... )

Glastonbury. 2009. 

(Oh by the way, I am not pulling "the pout".  Although there are times I have resorted to "that pose", I am not actually doing so in this case.  What I am attempting to do (albeit, slightly unaffectively) is to channel my inner Jimi Hendrix, who (rest in peace you galant guitar legend) once sang: "Excuse me, while I kiss the sky").


PS - Look ma! I'm taking your advice and "keeping my fluids up".  See that monster of a drink bottle there?  Well, that's WATER in there.  No other clear substance, pure, unadulterated, H20 with all its hydration qualities and bodily benefits.  You should be proud of me...

GLASTO - I want to live there, at that festival, forever and ever amen, despite the grungy toilets, lack of hygiene and copious amounts of mud.  (Provided, of course, that my family and friends would join me.  Which I'm sure I woudnt have a problem in persuading to do so, if they'd seen the beast for themselves).

I had the most stupendicallyfantasticaicious time I can't really adequately describe it, other than to say OH YES I WILL be back.  Some day.

I heart you, you great big old rockin music festival you.  Mwah! Good times. 


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