Potroast: Issue 9

I recently submitted a poem to the editors of Potroast - an Auckland based experimental art and writing zine - and last week they accepted it for publication for the upcoming issue.  This is somewhat of a big deal for me, considering that the last poems I wrote were of the "teen-angst, life is excruciating, nobody likes me" kind.  (Cringe.  I've got them all somewhere, hidden.  I hope.) The poem is called "De-Con-Struct", and was inspired by Issue 9's theme: instructions, diagrams, how-to guides etc.  It reads similarly to a cryptic crossword, and each stanza breaks one word up into separate parts, suggesting an alternative meaning.  I am working on further pieces which explore this theme at the moment.

I'll post the link to the on-line version once it is published next month.  In the meantime, you can access previous issues of Potroast here and take a look at the list of contributors for Issue 9.

I'll also post the poem here, I'm just waiting until it's officially "in print" first.  Small steps, exciting times.

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