Music by Moyenah

Hey friends! I can now share with you a little project I completed a couple of weeks ago.  I was fortunate enough to meet and interview up and coming Christchurch musician Mona Nourozi (aka Moyenah) for Canta's* New Zealand Music Month issue.  I had a great time chatting to Mona about her musical influences and aspirations, as well as her studies in psychology and philosophy and her other artistic pursuits (she is one talented lady...).  You can have a little look at the piece I wrote here.  She even let me take some snaps of her on the campus grounds, and kept a smile on her face as I requested that she prance around in the autumn leaves and look happy despite the freezing cold.  Thanks, Mona!  You can check out her Facebook page here.

*Canta is the University of Canterbury's Weekly Student Magazine.

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