The One About Bon Iver

Confession: I have a mild obsession. 

I just can't help it.  It's the bipolar timbre of Justin Vernon's voice, the poetical and enigmatic lyrics, the instrumental inventiveness, the collaborative genius, and yeah, maybe a little bit of the beanie toting flannelette wearing super-cool tattoo sporting elements too.  (But mostly the other bits).  I am well and truly on this band wagon, in all it's nonchalant grammy winning glory.  You are right there with me though, right?

It's not very often that I come across a band whose entire repertoire I love and listen to on repeat; whose videos I queue up on YouTube, whose links I post on my Facebook pages with reckless abandon accompanied by what can only be described as shameless plugging.  "Have you seen this??!" I virtually squeal, (yes, double question mark - exclamation combo) as I come across anyone I think may yet to have had their lives enriched by the sweet sounds of said band. "This is sooooo amazing!!" (again, believing that the repetition of "o" will enhance my point).  I swear I am this close to typing the dreaded OMG.  Yeah.  I am that dedicated a fan.  Annoying much?

Well you know what? I am so not sorry. These guys are incredibly talented.  Put it on, turn it up and pretend you are sitting lakeside on a blanket somewhere with the autumn leaves around you, a mug of mulled wine in your hand and a good book at your side.  Heaven. What's equally entertaining is singing along to a tune or two, googling the actual lyrics, finding out how incredibly wrong you were and laughing a little, but discovering that you kind of wrote a little ditty on your own in the process (albeit with a blatantly plagiarised melody.)  A private duet with Justin becomes a spontaneous poetry writing exercise. What is there not to love?

I recently stumbled upon this musical masterpiece and I have not yet ceased to be enthralled.  Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Bon Iver band members Justin Vernon and Sean Casey in a musical collaboration that might just change your life (or at least your Monday evening).

You are welcome.

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  1. Oh you're a lady after my own heart, Kirsty Helen. I remember first hearing Skinny Love. It was on a Triple J compilation CD. My boyfriend and I turned off the lights, huddled under the bed and played the song OVER and OVER and OVER again, howling the words under the covers and generally just falling in love. They were amazing live in Wellington. Almost a spiritual experience, ;) Wanted to stop by to thank you for the really nice comment you left on my blogpost. It meant a lot to me and probably more than you know!