Oh To Be Back...

It's Glastonbury time in the UK (much to my dismay).  The four days I spent at Glastonbury back in 2009 were amongst the best in my life.  If only I could live there, in that crazy mixed up circus of awesomeness, with tripsters and teepees, mud and music, sun and strangers, and dancing in the dark (literally.  Bruce Springsteen played.  Epic.  And Neil Young? Don't get me started - dream come true.)  Apparently the powers that be are putting the festival on hold for 2012, due to Britain's Olympics Extravaganza.  So...2013 anyone?  I'm SO keen... Here are a few snaps I dug out of the vault (read: hard drive in dire need of organisation) to aid in my moments of reminiscence...

Time of my life.


  1. Beautiful shots. I especially love the sunset through the powerlines.

  2. Kirst, just got back, still recovering, it was AMAZING, totally booked in for 2013!!