Dear Sister,

I love that you are in love, that you are happy, that your dreams are coming true, that your day was as close to fairytale endings as it gets.  I now dispense with things I often leave unsaid (though I believe you know already; I do not underestimate the divinity of sisterhood...)

I love that you invent your own cupcake flavours and kindly enforce the sampling of them, your fierce love of chocolate, your culinary successes (and hilarious misadventures), your passion for new found flavours and experimentation.

I love that you tell me how it is, or the way to wear it or what to do and when to do it with pin point accuracy and unfaltering honesty, straight up but sensitively, understanding my inhibitions and inexperience.

I love that, despite our different styles, tastes, loves and loathes, we laugh uncontrollably at the very same stuff that no one else gets (which leads to more uncontrollable laughter and further confusion to those unfortunate few in our vicinity).  I'd say its a vicious cycle but its not.  It's beautiful and I love it.  Lets never, ever stop.

I love that we are close.  So close.  (Geography, Schmeography).

I love that I was there with you.  That I was privileged to watch, as you embarked on this new and exciting adventure.  That I saw two people so in love and embued in happiness it was inspiring.  (And perspiring come to think of it.  It was hot up there, in front of all those people, wasn't it J? Love you too).

Thank you for the most awesome day.

I loved it.

(As I love you).

Yours truly,


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  1. What a lovely ode to your sister! Congrats to her!