Christmas Craftiness

It's December tomorrow! Me and the monsta will be getting our first ever tree together (we will be using the traditional Dunn method of tree selection but I can't give details, family secret and all that).  (Aye, Dad...)
So at night's after work I've been doing a bit of recycling and stitching, cutting and sticking and here are a few of the tree decorations I've come up with.

Note: doilys are awesome and I say bring back the pom pom!

The next projects: bunting and baking...



  1. Gorgeous Kirst :)

  2. These are really cute decorations.

    My family keeps the same ones year on year. Maybe sometimes we might add a couple but we never have a theme or a colour. Just stick with things I made when I was in pre-school, and I turn 26 in January! Maybe when I am grown up enough (just break free enough) to have own Christmas...

    I found your post via Much Love Monday.