The 30 Before 30

I was recently invited over for a pre-birthday dinner at a friend's house, where we discussed everything from hockey to high school reunions and ate chickpeas and chocolate.  It was a great catch up (and a well overdue one at that).  We got to discussing things we had always wanted to/thought about/been too scared to do, and this led to us conjuring up a project (not to be confused with a plan: we all know how I tend to despise the latter.  If you don't - check this out).  I will now share the details of this special project with you.

It is pretty simple really.  We have to each come up with a list of 30 things to do before we turn the big 3.0.  (which for me is around about four years time from now).  However, like all good schemes, there is a "catch".

The small but slightly scary catch, is that once we have finalised the list of thirty things to do, we will then give each other a copy of our said "to do's" and will continue to update (and by that I mean confess to each other what we have and haven't done) and motivate (and by that I mean kick each other's asses if we don't stick to the project) each other until the due date for the project arrives.

I will now share the 30 things I would like to do before I reach the third decade of my existance.  Please note that they are in no particular order.  (Just thought I should clarify).

1. Make a pavlova.
2. Try wearing red lipstick.
3. Read "War and Peace".
4. Paint with watercolours.
5. Sing and play guitar at an open mic night.
6. Sew a dress for myself.
7. Be an extra in a movie/ad/tv show.
8. Watch the whole Godfather series.
9. Walk a NZ South Island track. * (have one booked in for February!)
10. Walk a NZ North Island track.
11. Buy a pair of rollerskates (skates, not blades) and actually use them.
12. Send a message in a bottle.
13. Sleep under the stars
14. Make jam.
15. Run a half marathon (No, not a full one.  Let's not be too hasty.  Running is not my forte).
16. Keep a journal every day for a whole year.
17. Own a vintage typewriter.
18. Try snowboarding.
19. Write a novel (or at least have started one.  It might not be finished.  These things take time you know)
20. Have a pet rabbit.
21. Write 9 new songs.*
22. Go camping with my family.              
23. Do some choice as bombs off a pier/bridge/rock.
24. Submit 50 pieces for publication.  *
25. Volunteer.
26. Write a poem in Te Reo Maori.
27. Get a tattoo.
28. Grow a bonsai tree.
29. Visit one of New Zealand's "other" islands (i.e. not the 2 main ones)
30. Get my driver's licence. *

Wohoo.  Wish us luck!

* Currently working on


  1. I'm 27... This make me think about what I wanna do before 30... I might just do a similar list with a friend... ;)