30 Days of Me Day 19: The Nick in the Name

Day 19- My nicknames and why I have them...

Are you ready for this?


That's pretty much it.

Why?  Well, my name is Kirsty.  So, one need only conveniently, and without much complication, omit the Y on the end, thus resultng in the aforementioned "Kirst".  Two syllables becomes one.  Faster to say, easier to spell.  Smiles all round.

I quite like this simplified nickname of mine.  Whilst it may sound as though I am under the constant cloud of a witch or sorcerer's spell (or "cursed" as it were), it's the nickname I've held since birth and my preferred term of address (I've always maintained that I only ever get called the full "Kirsty" by people who either a) don't know me or b) are angry with me...(the latter emphasise the Y - as in, "KirstY!"...) Also, I guess I should count myself lucky in that I didn't inherit my elder's nicknames pertaining to our surname (Dunn) - Dunny, Dunno, Dunnit.  I'd take Kirst over those any day.

I've had a couple of other nick names from my ankle biting days (but they wont be reiterated here in order to preserve my street cred), and on school camp in fourth form a good friend of mine started calling me "Kid" and it kind of stuck.  That one's just between us though.

Between me and my monster? It's pretty simple: just "love": what started out as a joke has now become our delegated daily term of endearment (albeit an old-school and slightly unoriginal one...)

That's it.  That's all.


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