Literary Bunting

One of the first things I wanted to do after I made the move south, was to set up my workspace.  I've been so looking forward to creating a space that's equal parts practical and pleasant to be in, as well as having plenty of room for the books and other resources I'll need whilst writing my thesis this year.  I'm still slowly perfecting my work area (and will post some pictures of the finished layout in due course) but I thought I'd share the garland I created to inspire me in my daily writing.  

Quite often when I'm reading I like to copy out various words pieces of prose that I find interesting, inspiring or unusual; or simply words that I like the sound of when said aloud.  I decided to make some cardboard bunting with words picked at random from these scribbles in my notebook; I intend to use these words as prompts in themselves, and as inspiration to expand my writing vocabulary.  It's a simple but effective addition to my workspace; and besides, it counts towards my goal of a weekly craft assignment - win, win!

1 comment:

  1. Very cute idea! There are lots of words that I love the sound of:
    - Apricot
    - turquise
    - mellow
    - fathom