Poetica is the Christchurch Urban Poetry Project: an initiative which aims to brighten up our earthquake stricken streets with poetical inspiration.  There are park benches poised for reinvigoration with poetry, blank walls awaiting new found lyrical lives, and spaces where poetry can be read aloud and enjoyed by passers by; in short, it's a pretty cool creative collaboration to be a part of so I decided to get amongst it.

 Members of the public are encouraged to write their own poetry, take a photo, and upload it onto the Poetica Facebook page for others to enjoy.  In addition, the poem with the most "likes" at the end of September, will be painted permanently on the wall. 

On the left, is my little contribution, inspired by the earthquakes our city has experienced and is still working hard to recover from.  Much to my surprise, it's gaining a lot of support and just might be the one chosen to be painted. 

Click here to see more and here if you'd like to "like' mine and help me get mine painted on the wall!  (Or like, feel free to like another one of course!) (Ok, enough with the likes, I promise...)                   
UPDATE: It's going to be painted on the wall! Exciting!


  1. I wouldn't be surprised if yours got chosen. It's beautiful. So simple, lyrical and the last line says it all, really.

  2. gave yours a like - it really is good and like Ana (above) said the last line is perfect.

  3. Congratualtions Kirst you do it! We are so proud of you xxxx