Hey Friends

So.  I've been MIA the past couple of weeks; uni assignments have sucked up the majority of my time, along with life angst, anxiousness, and the usual second-guessing of myself that appears to be occuring more and more often lately.  Quarter life crisis anyone? Whilst I know I've made the right decision going back to school, I still can't seem to rid myself of that annoying little voice in my head that tells me life would be somewhat easier had I continued on the law path (actually, it's not a little voice, it's really rather loud.  In fact, it sounds a bit like an angry Fran Drescher. Cringe...).  I mean, I could be, like, making money right now instead of adding to my student debt...

It's times like these I feel incredibly fortunate to have some pretty awesome people in my life who pat me on the back, come home with giant bags of Maltesers, allow me to vent my often incoherent frustration via phone call / text message / email, and generally put up with my feeling-sorry-for-myself attitude.  To you I say thank you.  I owe you all.  Big time.

I'll be back soon I promise.  Come Friday, I'll have a whole week to myself, my poetry, some flippin' sweet books I've been waiting to read, and some good old quality down home time.  

Thanks for stickin' around...

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