Say What? It's All About Grammar...

Alas, I don't have sufficient time to do a proper post today; the two concurrent 10,000 word assignments whisper my name as I type this (and when I say whisper I mean scream all manner of profanities at me in an attempt to get me back to work).  So I thought I'd just do a little post to share these wonders of the world wide web with you.  What follows are my favourite grammar related websites and articles that I have managed to stumble upon the past few months, leaving me in awe of other people's love of, commitment to, and maybe slightly unhealthy obsession with, the beautiful beast that is Grammar.*

Let the procrastination begin...

This site is solely dedicated to highlighting unnecessary quotation marks.  "Brilliant".

This person is slowly correcting grammatical errors the world over, one permanent marker stroke at a time.

This person has done a delightful article on the misuse use of the comma (I now look at my paragraph above with a feeling of uneasiness...).

Funny typos dot com.  Enough said.

The Grammar Nazi - "where typos go to die" & other such grammar related silliness

Have fun kids!
* Disclaimer: this in no way suggests that I have attained grammatical perfection in my writing.  This is an aspiration yet to be realised.

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  1. I know how I'm spending my evening now... I hate those unnecessary "quote" marks.