Dear Ernest

Gosh you are cute.  You are so wonderously cuddly I am content just holding you and patting you and marvelling at your ceaselessly sniffing nose and gorgeous floppy ears.  I know you must be missing your mum and dad and brothers and sisters but at least you don't have to fight for the carrots at meal times or strive to get anyone's attention any more.  Your new Dad is currently constructing an extravagant and luxurious bachelor pad for you outside.  It's going to have two stories and things to play with and all sorts of coolness.  Are you excited?  We're excited.  I love when you do that thing where you jump in the air really high just for the hell of it - not needing to get over an obstacle or anything, just a random leap in the air because you can.  I think I can learn alot from you, little one.  Oh what fun we're going to have!

Just one thing, it's simple really, not so much a command or complaint, more a polite request or suggestion.  If you could perhaps just attempt to refrain from crapping in the corner (you know, the one where all the internet/television/speaker/unidentifiable cords are situated) it would make my life slightly less difficult and you would be pretty much perfect. 

Yours truly,

Kirst (Mummy)



  1. oooooooh my gosh, cutest little bunny!

  2. Oh my, could he be any cuter.. What an adorable little bunny. Love his name.

  3. Hahahah! I used to have two of the little dahlings - Chocolate and Cappucino! They poop everywhere! xx

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