Back in the Game

I got this stunner of a book selection for the grand total of $9.90 at Borders on Sunday.  You will often find yours truly browsing the sale section at all good bookstores, new and second hand alike, in attempt to bag myself literary bargains that I otherwise would never be able to purchase.  I couldnt believe my luck when I managed to snag a couple of gems I've been wanting to add to the bookshelf for a mere $2 a piece and I even picked up a writers yearbook (albeit a year and half out of date) for the measely price of $1 - I figure the majority of publishers details wont have changed, and besides, it contains some great advice from successful authors on making your work stand out to publishers.  Maybe its meant to be, right?  This is the kick I needed to get back in the game and start sending things away in an attempt to realise my dream... (in the no nonsense words of my charming great uncle "if you dont dont get").

So.  Now I've got some inspiration and some information.  All I need now is to make my drafts pile lighter and for the final pile to come into fruition... I'm working on compiling a portfolio of work for the Creative Writing paper next semester and am thinking about posting some of my pieces on here to step out of my comfort zone and get some "sharing" practise.  Watch this space...

(PS the fourth one down is Ondaatje's English Patient - forgive my amateur photography...)


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  1. Sweet scores! I've been meaning to read 100 Years of Solitude for the past 3 years and other books keep on getting in my way.